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"Pursuit of quality" 

Flow chart of Autorec's services.

There are several approaches to do used car business.
Some people just buy and sell. without touching cars, to realize extremely low prices by not spending cost for services. At times we find some cars at the port in Japan coming straight from the auction yard. Even among these untouched cars, there are some in good condition as they are . And you may find good cars if you are lucky.

....but would you really deal in chance when you are buying cars spending a lot of money anyway?

When Autorec talks about quality of used motor vehicles, we mean the quality under control not by chance.
Our target is to achieve selling 100% of our cars in good condition, not only some of them. To achieve this, we have the procedures to cover all our products that we are introducing here.
Autorec's strength is quality control attitude.
And this makes Differences!!

1. Picking up Good cars,

A good cook knows how to distinguish good material because rotten vegetable and meat cannot be cooked nicely.
We also start from finding good cars from the auction houses examining each cars by our selves.
Our experienced staffs check everything before bidding. Mileage, mechanical condition, exterior ... etc. We know from our experience where to check to distinguish good material out of thousands of cars at every auctions.
Our eyes will check everything on your behalf to find a good car.

2. Pre-inspection.

When the cars are delivered to our yard,. all go thought Pre-inspection center fro more detailed inspection by our technical staffs before register and updated as our stock.
Even if there may be something overlooked at the auctions, no defects can escape from the eyes of our skilled inspectors.

Inspection reports about the condition of each cars are shared in the stock date base computer. Thus every one in the office can check the actual condition of the cars instantly.

3. Engin/Chassis cleaning

Once the cars get purchased and paid, we start maintenance service (and repair if necessary). The first thing we do is washing the engine room and underneath part of the cars with steam cleaner. By wiping out all mud,. dust and oil, we are ready to find even a little defects with the car. Without this, you' ll definitely overlook some hidden defects and leakage which may cause serious trouble one day.

We clean these hidden part of cars not to hide something ..., but to Find everything.

4. Maintenance planning

After our mechanic staffs check all the functioning parts and devices, the mechanic and sales staffs discuss the maintenance plan.
When there would be extra services requested by customers, it'll be communicated at the point for arrangements. Here at this point, your sales staff acts as translater between you and our mechanics to determine the guideline of finalizing works of your car.

5. Basic reconditioning work

All defects which are judged to be serviced by inspection are touched by our mechanics.
Among those are changing engine oil and lubricants, drive shaft boots, greasing up replacing tires, batteries... depending on condition of the car. We are equipped with all necessary facilities and devices to do these services in our own service garage. Of course the good skilled mechanics!

6. Panel beating

If the body retirement work is required, we do panel beating and painting. We have 2 well- equipped painting booth and 3 skilled staffs for body work. Surface treatment, color mixing, spraying and polishing  ...
The car would be refreshed!!

7. Finalizing touches

To finalize the work, we spray anti-corrosion of the engine component and chassis as a protection. Clean the interior of the car and was on the dashboard.
Now the car is fresh mechanically and it appears shiny.

In our service garage, we have many photos of our customers with their cars put on the wall.
These photos of customers really motivate our workmanship.
We would be more than happy if we can deliver our customer a big joy of owning the car together with the car itself!!

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