What is the difference?

Autorec Enterprise, Ltd. Other suppliers
Checking by Autorec Enterprise, Ltd
Before sourcing vehicles, 
Buyers go checking them physically at 
Auction house to ensure they should be in good state. Apart from body appearance, all mechanical part should be in good state.

Almost all car suppliers source
their vehicles on the internet
 without physical inspection done.
In this practice, they can't know
whether engine sounds good or any fatal defects be happened on the vehicle.
They normally tend to source
 the vehicles by their appearance or pricing without caring its mechanical part.
Washing Autorec Enterprise, Ltd
Once the vehicles are bought and brought to our yard, Our inspectors
 again check the vehicles.
In the same time, Vehicles are clean up
whole part before advertising on our website.
Those vehicles bought by them delivered to the port directly from Auction house
" As is " without maintenance.

Autorec Enterprise Ltd is taken the quality photos
Photos are taken at our photo booth
to ensure  that customers
see every angle of the vehicles.

The shipment will be done without 
maintenance service.

Our mechanic team is efficient professional one
Upon receipt of order/Payment,
Our Garage staff take
necessary services and maintenance.

You must be crying and regret what you bought, even though you paid less money!  Money and time you spent is vain because they are no warranty at all !

Autorec Shiro Yukimasa is a good man

Any defects such as dents, scratches are found on them, we ensure to fix those nicely at our modern facility to meet customer's satisfaction.
High quality used vehicles supplier Autorec Enterprise Ltd

Handling done the all maintenance works. The vehicle is washed by machine and to be delivered to the port.
Autorec is the No1 vehicle supplier in Japan

What a beautiful reconditioned car it is !

shipment Autorec Enterprise Ltd

 Shipment delivery


Your satisfaction is 100% assured !

We are checking the mechanical condition physically by our professional buyers.
Please find out your proper supplier!