JDM for USA and US militery in Japan- Autorec Enterprise, Ltd.

JDM for USA and US militery in Japan

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Japanese cars. JDM for US Military serviceman servant - Autorec Enterprise, Ltd.

Hello Dear our new customer,

We are one of the old Used Car Sales & Exporter since 1977, and our company name maybe offended, by the way you pronounce??

This time, we are thinking of increasing the sales to those High Quality vehicles to the US Military Service men who are deployed in Japan, and so far, we have supplied some vehicles to the US personnel in Okinawa, and have been selling to the ones in Yokosuka Base. I have visited Yokosuka base once in my life, and was very much impressed that the vehicles that we have in our inventory would perfectly fit to the category of vehicles that are being running in the area, ie; first, vehicles being very reasonable, secondly reasonably low mileage but original mileage, colors being pretty while Pearl white and Silvers are majority of colors in Japan... and also we have many other types of vehicles that people needs.

We are currently exporting vehicles of 25 years and older to Mainland USA for those wishes to import in bulk, or even one by one, so if you wish to send such vehicles, say eg; Suzuki Carry 4WD pickup, or Daihatsu Hijet or Honda Acty 4WD small truck, that can also be arranged.

We are very much eager to promote the sales of our Quality vehicles, to those who are stationed here in Japan, and it will be great if you can expand your joy of experiencing your society by traveling the country side in Japan, or it shall widen your experience if you own a reliable vehicle that Autorec sells.

Should you be interested, kindly contact us at any time, and also please browse our website at http://www.autorec.co.jp or you can give us a call to 0567-56-6111 and thank you.

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