How to buy a car in Iwakuni (for MCAS) USA


Hi there! How are you doing?
My name is Shiro Yukimasa of Autorec Enterprise, Ltd.

We have been supplying the high quality vehicles to all over the world since 1977 for over 41 years.

We opend the branch office at Iwakuni on August 2018 and we are now selling the beautiful condition cars at affordable price for US Military service man.

When you appointed to Iwakuni and need a car for your movility, please contact us and come to Iwakuni office! Our office and showroom is very near from Base and if you need a pick up at gate, we will go there soon! So, please feel free to call us 080-3646-2905.

Or, if you know our place, please come to our office by taxi and we will pay the charge from Base gate to our office at our side instead of you.

Just in case, I put the google map of our showroom as follows.

Our office is opening from AM10:00 to PM7:00 from Monday to Sunday.
So, please take a look at our cars at our showroom.

Before you come to our showroom and would like to know what is available now, please check the list from our webiste link for Iwakuni stocks below.

Our price is included everything, 2years JCI, road tax, registration, inspection etc. So, you can drive the car without additional payment! 

When you decided the car, please apply and obtain necessary 4 papres at PMO (Provost  Marchal's office) as follows.

Heavy vehicle new resitration:
    1. Repoeret for automobile tax
    2. Report  (Statement) pertaining to Automobile Accuisition Tax
    3. Certificate of enrollment
    4. Power of Attorney

Then, if the Certificate of enrollment is mentioned as "on Base" which is meaning that you are now living inside the Base and we can start to register the car with those above 4 papers, once we receive them from you!

If the certificate of enrollment is mentioned as "off Base", you need to apply the "Parking space certificate" at Iwakuni Police station and it will be taken around 4-5 business days for issuing the certificate. Once we recieve above 4 papres with this parking certificate, we can start to register the car!

After we receive all necessary papres, we will be able to register the car in 2-4 business days (if there is no additional service at garage) and you can take the car at our office and can start to drive!!

Of course, regarding the payment, we can receive the payment in US Dollar, Japanese yen, Credit card and if you need the loan service, we can assist you. So, please feel free to ask us anything anytime.

Then, even if you cannot buy the car but if your co-worker bought the car by your commendation or introduction, we will pay small commission to you. So, please kindly recommend our cars and services!

Of course, if you need any specific cars, we can search and can supply! 
So, if you are looking for any other cars, please feel free to ask us anything anytime!
We are looking forward to meeting you soon!!

Thank you very much!
Sincerely yours,

Shiro Yukimasa
Autorec Enterprise, Ltd.   

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WhatsApp :+81-80-3646-2968
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