2016 2015 New Wagon R Stingray for Sri Lanka

From 2005-August
Wagon R Stingray (8.3CM3)x50USD =US$420.-(Freight)
X 2WD DAA-MH44S   (S-enecharge)
X 4WD DAA-MH44S   (S-enecharge)
T 2WD DAA-MH44S (LED FOG, S-enecharge,Turbo)
T 4WD DAA-MH44S (LED FOG, S-enecharge,Turbo)

From 2014-December to 2005-July
Wagon R Stingray (8.3CM3)x50USD =US$420.-(Freight)
J-style 2WD DAA-MH44S  (S-enecharge)
J-style 4WD DAA-MH44S  (S-enecharge)

We will supply them from auction on your requirements.

Please feel free to ask me the price up to Hambantota!

Please contact me now!! e-mail: shiro@autorec.co.jp
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